Application Process

What qualifications are necessary to rent from our company?

It is difficult to approve you as a renter unless we have some means of determining how you pay your bills. The following are general qualification guidelines that can vary depending on owner preferences and other conditions:

  1. Gross monthly income MUST be at least (3) times monthly rent, and must be verifiable in writing.
  2. *Depending on circumstances, alimony, child support or unemployment compensation may not be acceptable as part of gross income*
  3. You must provide satisfactory rental and credit references that CAN be verified. A credit report is ran on each applicant.
  4. Satisfactory rental and credit references must be at least 12 months in duration and family members are not acceptable.
  5. You cannot owe an account balance to any previous landlord or have been evicted from any other rental.
  6. The criminal background check MUST be acceptable.
  7. Any falsification or misrepresentation by the applicant will automatically result in rejection and/or lease termination.


  1. Proof of income (current paycheck stub)
  2. Social Security card
  3. Drivers License or State ID (Valid)
  4. $30 application fee – nonrefundable
  5. Two (2) Current Paycheck Stubs

Applications can be picked up at our office anytime between Monday – Thursday: 8:30am – 5:00pm or Friday: 8:30am – 3:30pm. They are located in our office at 1435 Augusta Street, Greenville, SC 29605. We are located only minutes from downtown and 1 block from the Augusta St/Church St intersection.

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